Your Affiliate Marketing Income System in 30 minutes

Affiliate Marketing income is probably one of the earliest way of making money online. To date, it is still the easiest and simplest way to start making money online. Therefore, I would encourage anyone who are starting out to begin here.

To make Affiliate marketing income, we basically only do 2 things.  If we can master these 2 things, then we can potentially make lots of money by scaling up pretty quickly with minimal time and investment.

What are these 2 things ?

1. Market Research for your Affiliate Marketing Income System

Good market research is crucial in your success.  You can then select the niche that will be profitable and evergreen .  Finally, find a high converting product within that niche and market aggressively.

2. Driving Traffic to Affiliate Marketing Income System

The second thing is to master driving tons of traffic to your offer in the most cost effective way.

I will show you how to set up the affiliate marketing income system in 30 minutes that can potentially make you thousands of dollars in monthly passive income. Are you ready ?

Step 1 : Research the niche for keywords that people are searching for.

To find profitable niches, think of about half a dozen areas of interests you want to promote. Whatever you can think of and have an interest.

Research on keyword popularity

Proceed to any keyword tool and type in your areas of interest and see what are the results of the searches. What we are interested in is the number of keywords searched and the volume of searches. This will tell you the popularity of your selected niche.

Research on long-tailed keywords

From these figures, you can decide which is the niche that is of most interest to people.  One word of caution, more interest also means more competition. So, you have to make a judgement call on which niche you are most comfortable to work on. Then start with the niche you are most comfortable. You can always come back and work on the others when you have successfully launched your first site.

Now enter those keywords that have high search volume into the keyword tool again to get a list of long tail keywords which you will need later. So, save this list somewhere handy where you can easily access.

Which keyword research tool

I suggest  Traffic Xtractor Ultimate which would give you a list of low competition long tail keywords.   It helps you create simple videos that converts like crazy within minutes. You can get ranked on youtube first page extremely fast after upload (usually 30 minutes).  In a way, Traffic Xtractor Ultimate is not only a keyword research tool but also a traffic generation tool.

Step #2 : Get the product affiliate link for your affiliate marketing income system

You can register for your affiliate links for 3 of the most popular and profitable niches below.  In order to get your affiliate marketing income system up fast, therefore, I have put these together to save you time.

For the dog training niche, you can go here to register for the most comprehensive dog training affiliate site

In the weight loss niche, register here for the Intechra Health program.  It sells many beauty, health and weight loss products that are well known in the market.

As for the making money online niche, Click here for the link to sign up for clickfunnels affiliate. This is a very good program with plenty of free training on how to market almost anything online. Moreover, this is one of the most generous affiliate payout programs.

Step 3: Sign up for a hosting account and domain name.

This will take care of the website which you will direct your traffic to. Although, technically, you can generate affiliate marketing income without a website by just driving traffic right to your affiliate link.  However, this route is the most cost effective way because once you capture their email on your website, you can send them various offers over a long period of time, giving you chances to sell more to the same customer. (Remember the 2 things that you need to do well to make good money?) .

Importance of having your own domain name

Moreover, there are increasingly more merchants who would only accept affiliates with a top level domain name, and bans affiliates from promoting their links directly, therefore not getting one would mean that you may miss out on many opportunities.

Which Hosting Company

My recommendation is the GreenGeeks hosting company. They are a green, environmental friendly company. What is more important, is that they are very cost effective, with the pro plan at $5.95 per month giving you ability to support unlimited websites, unlimited web space, unlimited data transfer and they will also give the first year domain registration worth about $10 free. This plan therefore allows you to scale quickly without much additional investment outlay (in fact just another $10 annually for each new domain you register, remember to register one name for each business as some programs only accepts Top levels domains, for example, Click here to sign up now to get your free domain name and have your website up and running in 30 minutes.

Step 4 : Sign up for a landing page creation and email auto-responder system

There are 2 options available.  Firstly, option one is where you would need to put in some work, therefore I have included a step-by-step guide to setting it up if you choose this option (in step 5).  The second option is more intuitive and has plenty of free materials.

Option 1

For the landing page creator, I would recommend Sunny Landing Pages. You can get started for free Here.

For the email auto-responder system I would recommend  GetResponse.

Getresponse is ideal for beginners with their $15 monthly plan (for 1st 1000 subscribers), you can create a subscriber signup form to put on your landing page with just a few clicks. Click Here to see their plans

Option 2

Juice it up with  Clickfunnels.  Clickfunnels allows you to set up your funnels very quickly and intuitively. Besides, they have provided tons of free training on affiliate marketing including strategies, copywriting, traffic building and even how to create your own product fast.  Personally, what I love about clickfunnels is their funnelscripts hacks, which boasts the best converting curiosity based headlines and scripts to convert all those traffic you direct into sales.

I strongly recommend clickfunnels to those who already are planning to scale very quickly to selling  memberships and recruiting their own affiliates to sell because not only is their funnels great, allowing you to create entire funnels, customising your order bumps, upsell and downsell pages within minutes but the platinum plan also incorporates membership administration and your own affiliate program administration all from one place . This will save you a ton of headache when you need to integrate third party membership site and affiliate tracking softwares with your main site later when you expand into this, unless you are very familiar in the tech stuff. This is the true power of using clickfunnels, to set up entire system in minutes rather than days or months in integrating all elements to work smoothly on your own site. Therefore, Click on the demo video below to see how it works

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.  I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

Step #5 : Set up your landing page and autoresponder and load onto your domain

For the step by step guide on  setting up your landing page and autoresponder, register here with your greengeeks hosting and getresponse autoresponder user name to download the guide.

For Clickfunnels, it is all very intuitive within the dashboard, however, if you needed step by step guidance by the hand, you can join Russell Branson’s One Funnel Away Challenge.

In this challenge, he will not only teach you, but help you to set up your funnel.

Step #6 : Start producing simple videos based on the long-tailed keywords

Take those long-tailed keywords which you have unearthed in step 1 and produce simple videos based on them, one video for each keyword and upload to facebook and youtube.  To create the videos, I would recommend  WeVideo which allows you to produce great videos and screen captures.

Convert those videos into article format, facebook post, pinterest, instagram formats and submit to the articles directories, facebook, pinterest and instagram. For transcribing your videos you could outsource to transcribers at fiverr.   Here, not only can you get people to transcribe articles but also almost every conceivable job that you need from logo designs to Facebook fan page cover, ebooks and ebooks covers from as Low as 5 bucks. Click Here To Join Now

Step #7 : Promote, Promote and promote your affiliate marketing income system

Step 6 would have set in motion all the free traffic that you could get from organic searches.  What is left to do is for you to boost your traffic from paid advertising either through facebook advertising, pay per click advertising through google or miscrosoft and purchasing solo mailer ads.

Remember to read the articles on traffic generation for tips on most cost effective generation of targeted traffic.

Step #8 : Search for more affiliate products to add to your autoresponder to send to your subscribers

Now that you have set up your basic affiliate marketing income system and got the promotion underway, you can start looking for other relevant affiliate products to promote to your email subscriber list. One such marketplace is clickbank which has thousands of products to promote. To learn more about clickbank affiliate network, Click Here.

Step #9 : Repeat Steps 6 to 8 over and over again once a week

There! You already have your affiliate marketing income system set up after step 5. For steps 6-8, it is mainly to drive traffic to your system which you can spend about 1-2 hours a week to promote your affiliate marketing income system. If you have any problems setting it up, contact me at and I will be glad to help you out.

Your support helps keep this site running! If you click through and make a purchase of the products recommended here, I may receive a commission (at no additional cost to you).  Thank you for your support.  Details here

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