Best way to making money online with affiliate marketing

To determine what is the best way to start making money online with affiliate marketing, we will first discuss how money is made with affiliate marketing.

Secondly, we will look at how we can increase our chances of making money from affiliate marketing..

Finally, we will show you which is the best way to start making money online with affiliate marketing.

How money is made with affiliate marketing

This is the process that affiliate marketers make money.

a. Decide on the company that he wants to promote and gets a linking code, what is commonly known as an affiliate link;

b. Set up a content platform like a blog, website, facebook fanpage, youtube channel and so forth

c. Include affiliate link in all content posted in b.

d. Promote content platform in every way possible (without spamming of course)

e. When potential customers comes to your content platform. If he then clicks on your affiliate link and buys your recommended company’s product, you the affiliate makes a commission.

How to increase our chances of making money

It is widely accepted fact that only a very small percentage of the potential customers or traffic that you sent to your affiliate link will buy.

However, a person is more likely to buy if he has been exposed to it for a few times. Therefore, you have to ensure that your marketing message reaches your target audience several times. Hence, our use of autoresponder email service to increase our chances of making money.

So, whenever we drive traffic to our content platform, we will first show the customers a landing or opt-in page. This page only serve one purpose, to obtain their email before redirecting them to your free content.

Once you have their email address, you can show them the offer a few more times to increase conversion. Moreover, over time, you can also send them offers of related products in future, to make even more sales.

Besides driving targeted paid traffic to our opt-in page, it is also essential that we can drive as much free traffic as possible to our page, to increase your chances

What is the best way to start making money online with affiliate marketing

The best way to start making money online with affiliate marketing is therefore summarised thus :

Sign up for a domain name and webhost;

Build a website cum blog, landing pages and autoresponder messages with your embedded affiliate link;

write free content to place on your website, blog embedded with your affiliate link;

post free content related to your topic linked to your landing page to article directories, all your social media accounts and any other platforms which allows this;

Promote, promote, promote your website.

Not only is this the best way but it is the only way to consistently make money with affiliate marketing.

You can get my step by step guide on how to set up the above in just 30 minutes.

Alternatively, you may want to consider this super simple system that was recently developed by a well known marketer. He not only will teach you how to build an email subscriber list quickly so that you can make money with affiliate marketing much quicker but he is also giving you the entire system that he uses to do so. Therefore, all you have to do is to copy, paste and start making money.

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