Get Massive Traffic for Massive Results

This article discusses how to get massive traffic for massive results.  This is the most important aspect of your online business. For without traffic, you get no clicks and no sales.  It doesn’t matter how good your product and service is, it doesn’t matter how irresistible is your offer, if you do not get massive traffic to your offers, there will be no visitors, no clicks, no sales and no profit.

So, make sure you read thoroughly all the traffic generation methods and learn it well so that every waking breathing moment, you get massive traffic for massive results to your funnel, offer, blog or website.

This applies to pretty much every form of online business.  Moreover, it is not just traffic per se (you can get unlimited traffic from Facebook, Google or Microsoft) but cost effective targetted traffic. This means you must get back more than your cost of getting that traffic.

Therefore, to maximize this metric, ads on the major networks have to be very specific and targeted to get the right audience to the right offer. I will touch on 2 strategies here, one for facebook and one for the search engines.

Get Massive Traffic for Massive Results Using Facebook Advertising

Advertising on Facebook is always a challenge as there are massive people that can be reached through Facebook. To be effective, you need to zoom in to target the right audience.

You can define your target audience by location, age, gender, interest and behaviours to narrow your audience.

One of the most effective is to use the look alike audience feature. This feature allows you to target facebook users whose profile matches the profile of your specified audience. This works best for a list of customers who have bought similar products in the past.

Sign up John Crestani 6 week course which covers this topic, in addition to many marketing techniques. He also provides the look alike audience list for beginners to get started.

Search Engine Traffic

You can get 2 types of traffic from search engines, one free and one paid. Free traffic from search engines is the traffic you get from organic searches, or what is commonly known as search engine optimisation, SEO in short. The paid traffic is the traffic you get when you bid for specific keywords on Google ads or Microsoft Bing ads

Organic Search Engine Traffic

To get free organic traffic, first do a search on a keyword research tool for long tail keywords that is related to your offer. I recommend using Xtractor Traffic Ultimate. It provides the list of keywords and the number of competing youtube videos. Choose keywords with decent search volume and low competition. Next, produce videos for these keywords. If you use Xtractor Traffic Ultimate, they will also help you produce such videos within minutes. Upload your videos on youtube and see your videos ranked on page 1 within minutes.

Next, take these videos and get it transcribed into formats for all social media like facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest. Stagger posting of these content on the different platforms so that your content always appears in some form or other.

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