How To Make Money Online Free

There are many ways to make money online free. We will show you 4 programs which you can make money online for free. These are


Swagbucks is a platform that allows you to make money from a wide range of activities. You are rewarded with SB points which you can use to redeem Amazon gift cards or paypal cash. You are rewarded points for completing your profile, completing surveys and even for performing online searches on their platform. Moreover, when you do your shopping at merchants which have tied up with them, you are rewarded points too.

So, it is both a job site as well as a shopping loyalty site. You can sign up for free.

Make Money Online Free with Paid Viewpoints

Paid Viewpoints is a purely survey site. It operates on a very clean direct system. You get paid paypal cash everytime you answers a survey. The more surveys that you answers, your traitscore will increase. Once your traitscore reaches 9000, you will be paid more for every survey that you participate. You can sign up for paid viewpoints for free.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is basically making recommendations to your subscriber list and when someone clicks and makes a purchase, you get paid a commission. You can check out the full training course at Clickbank University. Clickbank is one of the most popular affiliate networks around and is free to join.

Make Money Online Free with Ebook

This is the best of the lot. You can totally get passive income from selling ebooks on Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). Firstly, setting up an Amazon KDP account is free. It not only is free, it comes with quite a bit of training on how to get started.

Choose a topic that both sells well and you are familiar with and start writing up your ebook. You then upload it to Amazon KDP and wait for their approval. Once approved, you are in business.

Secondly, it is so scalable. When you need an additional income stream, write another one and put it on the bookshelf.

You can try to use a ebook creator software which formats your ebook in many formats so as to make your job easier.

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