How To Make Regular Passive Income from Ebooks

The sale of Ebooks is the most profitable business on the online world and it is still the most prolific selling. Consider this fact, Amazon alone accounts for about 50% of online sales and the best selling item on Amazon is their books. This article seeks to show you how to make regular passive income from Ebooks

Why Selling Ebooks is the Best Business

Selling books online, and in particular Ebooks, is the best business on the internet for the following 3 reasons :-

  1. Totally passive income after the initial setup and ebook is listed for sale. Downloadable ebooks require no shipping arrangements nor inventory management.
  2. Low cost of production. Downloadable ebooks cost practically nothing to produce. If you write it yourself only cost you the time invested in writing it. Even, if you decide to outsource it to freelancers on Fiverr, it only costs between $50 to $80 for a 5000 word book.
  3. Highly scalable. If you need another income stream, put up another book.

Where to Sell your Ebooks

You have 3 avenues to sell your ebook. They are :-

  1. You can distribute through big book distributors like Amazon KDP, Barnes and Noble, Microsoft books.
  2. Rope in hundreds of affiliates to sell your ebook through affiliate networks like Clickbank
  3. Selling on your own site.

I will touch briefly on each, with the main focus on the Amazon Kindle Publishing Platform (KDP) as Amazon is the single biggest market as pointed out earlier.

How to make regular passive income from ebooks on Amazon KDP

If this is your first time publishing on Amazon, I suggest that you use an ebook generator that will format your book exactly in the format preferred by Amazon so that there won’t be going back and forth rectifying your ebook. You can then make sure that your book is placed on the Amazon shelf as soon as possible. I would recommend using the Ultimate Ebook Creator which allows you to convert it into many formats for the different online bookstores.

Setting Up your KDP Account

When you have finished writing, sign up for an Amazon KDP account, and make sure you read all their terms and guidelines thoroughly. You can choose whether you will be on the 35% or 70% royalties scheme. The difference between the 2 is that there will be an additional charge based on the size of your book, if you are on the higher royalty scheme. This is purely your judgement call on which option to select.

Once you have set up your account, you can upload your pre-written ebook and wait for approval.

You can check out this resource for a complete course on How to make regular passive income from ebooks.

Promoting Your Ebook

Once you have the approval, start promoting your ebook. You can generate massive traffic to your offer using the following resources :-

  1. 30 day traffic flow
  2. Traffic Xtractor Ultimate

You can learn all about traffic generation on our articles which are updated for the latest methods, tools and resources.

The first thing you can do though is to promote it on Amazon itself so that your book can get to the first page to build up sales momentum and reviews. Check out this ultimate resource for the step by step guide to make regular passive income from ebooks on KDP here

How to make regular passive income from ebooks selling on ClickBank

You can sign up for an clickbank account and there are 3 options, as an affiliate, as an vendor or as both. Choose either the second or the third option if you want to sell your book on clickbank. You can learn all about earning on Clickbank at the Clickbank University.

Selling on your own site

You can set up your own site and sell your book using the WordPress Woocommerce platform. Details on setting up your woocommerce store can be found here. You can read all our articles on running your own online store Here which are updated regularly.

So, if you want a make a regular passive income from ebooks, it is time to take action, start writing and be on the road to financial freedom.

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