Make Huge E-commerce Profits Fast

This article explores how to make huge e-commerce profits fast. E-commerce actually involves selling anything online like books, physical items, digital information products like software, print-on-demand etc. However, it has recently narrowed to mean mainly selling physical products, with the other items having their own niche. In particular, the concept of dropshipping has been closely tied to the topic of e-commerce. It is also in this context that I will be discussing this in.

Dropshipping is a business model whereby customers order from a shop (online or offline), order is processed and the items will be shipped direct to the customer from the factory. All this done without the shop having to handle any inventory, therefore, removing the hassle of restocking, warehousing and distribution.

Platforms for E-commerce

I will discuss 2 platforms that allows you to get started in selling products online at 2 extremes of the continuum. Firstly is Amazon FBA that is Super easy and hassle free with all aspects taken care of. At the other end Woocommerce which allows for limitless customisation. You can tailor make your store exactly what you wanted. However, it needs a bit of computer editing skills and time commitment. Of course, there are others in between but I leave that to you to explore.

Make Huge E-commerce Profits Fast with Amazon FBA

If you want to start selling immediately to a huge pool of hungry customers, the only platform you should consider is Amazon FBA, which stands for fulfilled by Amazon. It takes care of order processing, inventory and shipping management. It also provides excellent customer and after sales service.

You, therefore, only need to concentrate on the front end. This means finding and developing products that sell and quickly. Then list it up for sale on Amazon while leveraging on Amazon strength as the biggest online retailer to handle all the logistics. Another advantage is that customer are more likely to hit the buy button because of Amazon reputation and credibility.

Concentrate on your core business

Don’t misunderstand me. FBA does not obviate the need for you to take care of the business side of things. In fact, you need to spend time, money if you want it to work and generate profits for you. You would need to nail down your concept, products to sell, price point, whatever promotions.

If you are outsourcing production, you would also need to take care of negotiating with factories and shipping from the factory to Amazon warehouses. FBA basically takes care of the Place in the 4Ps of marketing, which is Product, Price, Place and Promotion. So, essentially, what Amazon allows you to do is to offer your product to their millions of loyal customers.

Why Amazon FBA

You would not need to have your own website that is optimised to sell, which Amazon does very well. Moreover, you can tap on Amazon tremendous traffic immediately. This means you can start to make huge e-commerce profits fast, without having to wait for months to start. Contrast this with setting up your own e-commerce dropshipping site, you are starting everything from scratch.

Setting Up Amazon FBA

You can set up an Amazon FBA business by following the following steps

  1. Register as an Amazon seller
  2. Research on product to sell
  3. If not produced in-house, source for factories and negotiate with them to manufacture for you
  4. Once nailed down the manufacturing, get design out and produce sample
  5. Finalise product design and start manufacturing and packed according to Amazon specifications.
  6. List on Amazon with details and make sure the option to be fulfilled by Amazon is ticked.
  7. Arrange shipper to ship to Amazon warehouse
  8. Once goods arrived at Amazon warehouse, you are in business.
  9. Promote your listing on Amazon
  10. Promote your listing as an Amazon affiliate

For a detailed course on setting up an FBA business, check out the link below.

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Woocommerce and WordPress Site

You have to set up your own wordpress site with all the relevant plugins to fit your desired design. This includes shipping options, payment gateways, handling customer service, complaints and refunds. You can also find many plugins at envato marketplace

You can have endless customisation with Woocommerce, with new plugins coming up all the time. If you wanted versatility and control, this is the way to go.

You would need the following plugins that are essential for a Woocommerce store

  1. Live Rates Plugin (Shipping Rates with Shippers)
  2. Delivery Date & Time Plugin (Date and Time Picker)
  3. Product Table Plugin (Display all your products in a table)
  4. Cartflows Plugin (for checkout and funnels)
  5. Ultimate Membership Pro Plugin (for running membership)
  6. Affiliate Management Plugin (for managing your affiliates)
  7. Jetpack (for statistics, reporting and security)

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